Welcome to the ATA’s website in celebration of social action and activism undertaken by our teachers and students.


This is not a certification program and there are no requirements or restrictions governing participation, other than the documentation of the activity or project.


Classes and schools must document their activity or project and agree to allow documentation to be posted on this website, which is created and maintained by the ATA. Documentation must include a minimum of three photos (maximum of 5) along with a written description. A short video of about 20 seconds could also be included.  The written submission must be in the form of a Word document.  Projects must fall loosely within the categories of:

Environment – protection, restoration, recycling…

Social Action – inequity, justice, poverty, racism, human rights, animal rights…

Democracy – government, voting, lobbying, political action…

Solidarity – fundraising, awareness campaigns…


There is no cost to participate.


Each year, outstanding projects will be recognized by the awarding of certificates and a small monetary award to be donated to a charity chosen by the participating group or to further the work of a project.